Many of us have older homes, and along with them, older bathrooms.  One of our bathrooms still lives in the 1970’s.  What about yours? The thing is, many of us may not have the resources for a full-on bathroom remodel.  So here is one step you can take to make your bathroom seem newer and brighter. It will cost you anywhere between $50 and $150, and yes, oh yes, you can do it yourself.  Replace that old bathroom faucet with a newer, shinier and more modern version!

So many fixtures today are easy-install models with mostly pre-assembled parts and/or what is sometimes called a “speed-connect drain system”This essentially means that you are, in the simplest of terms, yanking out your old faucet and sticking in a new one. There are few tools involved, and the installation process is a breeze. Just make sure that you pick out a faucet that is labeled “easy-installation” or “speed-connect”, otherwise you may have a long complicated installation process on your hands, which is something that we at See Jane Drill ALWAYS prefer to avoid.  American Standard puts out a number of different styles of quick-install faucets that we really like, and that are reasonably priced.

The whole process will take you about an hour, and the DIY savings is significant, about $200-250, which is the average cost to hire a plumber to install a new faucet.  We highly recommend that you do it yourself, and then, in addition to saving money, you will have the satisfaction of knowing, every time you use your new faucet, that YOU did it.  And that is right in line with our motto here at See Jane Drill, which is “You can do this!”