Leah at See Jane Drill

Leah at See Jane Drill.  In this quick video, Leah takes a moment to talk […]

The See Jane Drill Home Store

We are pleased to announce the opening of The See Jane Drill Home Store, an online home emporium of […]

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Hardwood vs Softwood…What’s the Difference?

Is hardwood actually hard wood, and softwood really soft wood?  No, not really.  What actually […]

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How to Tie Knots

Videos on how to tie a variety of knots that you may need to use […]

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Fastener Information

All about nails, including how to select the perfect nails for your home improvement projects, […]

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Plaster and Drywall Resources

Information about different types of board, supplies, and other resources to help you with drywall […]

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Metric Conversion Calculators

A handy calculator and downloadable app to convert to and from the Metric system and […]

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Some free resources to help you determine the best paint for the job, how much […]

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Here are some handy free tools and resources for all your flooring DIY projects, such […]

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Resources links with information about about various types of adhesives for your DIY projects and […]

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