September 29, 2016

Fall DIY Idea: Refresh Exterior Lights

Are the exterior lights on your home a little rusty or dingy?  Have you been thinking about replacing them?  Well consider this…you may not need to buy new ones!  It’s easy to refresh the lights you have.  With longer nights and shorter days upon us, now is the time to take on this quick little DIY project.

First, remove the light fixture and clean it thoroughly with a non-abrasive cleaner. You’ll want to spray any rusty areas with a oil, such as WD-40.

Next, try painting it with a coat of spray paint. Black is a classic color for outside light fixtures. But you can get spray paint in so many different colors and finishes these days, that you might want to try something a little different.

For example, we particularly like paints that mimic metal…gold, brass, chrome, hammered copper, nickel, and so on. They are super easy to spray on, giving your light a brand new look. You will be amazed at how easy and inexpensive it is to refresh a light fixture.

Watch our easy how-to video below, and follow Leah’s step-by-step instructions to renew and refresh your own exterior lights this season.

You Can Do This!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved