Fix Anything with Moldable Glue


Reduce, re-use, recycle…Many of us are interested in fixing and keeping the things we have, rather than running out to buy something new.  Maybe you want to save a tree, or perhaps you just want to save some money.  The next time something is broken, consider whether or not you might actually be able to fix it and keep it, instead of replacing it.

To that end, moldable glue (we use the brand called Sugru) is a fun and inexpensive way to not only fix the things you have, but also create new things!  It starts out looking like something in between chewing gum and play-dough.  It even comes in a variety of different colors.

You have 30 minutes to shape and mold it into the form you want, and then it becomes hardened.  In 24 hours, it will be completely cured!  

Moldable glue can withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold.  It attaches to almost any surface…glass, wood, metal, and plastic…to name just a few.  You can embed magnets in it to create new ways to hold metal items.  It can even go in the dishwasher!  (We actually used it to successfully repair the broken plastic grid in a dishwasher silverware basket.  See the video here)

So, the next time you have a broken anything, give moldable glue a try!  Pretty soon you might find yourself literally using it to fix everything!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved