April 1, 2015  DIY Tip:  Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter


Maybe you have seen charcoal chimney fire starters in your local home improvement store, and wondered if they really work.  Great news…they do!

With spring here, and the beginning of the grilling season in many parts of the world, you may be interested in a nearly foolproof method to get your charcoal started quickly and easily, every time you grill or barbecue!  No lighter fluid or pre-doused coals are needed here.

All you need to do, is crumple up some newspaper or a brown paper bag, and place it in the bottom of the charcoal chimney starter.  Next, you light it, wait about 10 minutes, and voila!  Your charcoal will be hot and ready to pour into your barbecue pit or grill, so that you can get cooking.  Never again will your backyard barbecue or dinner party be delayed by hard-to-light charcoal.

How it Works:

The way the charcoal chimney fire starter works is through the use of circulating air.  It is similar to “fanning the flames” of a fire, only you don’t have to do any fanning. The chimney starter does it for you!  This extremely helpful tool will allow you to prepare charcoal for cooking anytime, anywhere, and in just minutes.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of how this tool works:

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