Written instructions on how to operate a biscuit cutter, a tool used in woodworking to join two pieces of wood together.  These instructions accompany the video How to Use a Biscuit Cutter to Attach 2 Pieces of Wood.”

Tool Cost: You can spend a lot of money on a biscuit cutter if you are planning to use it frequently, but for occasional use, you can purchase a new, decent quality biscuit cutter for as low as $55 to about $100.

Other Tools and Materials Needed

• Biscuits in the appropriate size for your project

• The wood pieces that you will be joining together

• Wood glue

• Something with which to mark the wood where you will be cutting

• Clamps, to hold the project to the work surface, and also to clamp the two pieces together while you are waiting for the glue to dry

• Safety glasses

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Mark the 2 pieces of wood where they will be joined together

2. You will cut one piece of wood at a time. Do the following steps for the first piece of wood, and then repeat with the second piece.

a. First, set the depth of the biscuit cutter so that the cut will be centered between the top and bottom of the piece of wood. Use the ruler that goes along with the height adjustment knob to determine where to set the height of the fence. When you get to the height, tighten the knob.

b. Set the dial for the appropriate size of biscuit that you have. There are only 3 choices: 0, 10, or 20.

c. Make sure the angle of the fence is set to the angle of the cut that you want. For a simple butt joint, you can leave it at 90 degrees.

d. Clamp the piece of wood securely to the work surface.

e. Line up the cut mark on your piece of wood with the red line that is on the biscuit cutter, as well as the red line on the adjustable fence.

f. Once everything is lined up, you will be ready to make your cut.

g. Turn the biscuit cutter on, and give it a few seconds for the motor to come up to speed before you make your cut.

h. Guide the biscuit cutter forward into the wood and back out to make your cut.

3. Once you have made the cut in both pieces of wood, dry-fit the biscuit and line everything up to make sure everything looks right.

4. Put wood glue in the slots in both pieces of wood. You could also put a small bead of glue along the surface of one of the pieces of wood.

5. Insert the biscuit into one piece of wood, and then slide both pieces together.

6. Clamp your project together.

7. Wipe off any excess glue.

8. Once the glue is dry, remove the clamps, and that is it!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014

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