climbing picture 2One of the concerns of many parents is keeping heavy bookshelves and children’s dressers secure and unmovable when curious children decide to investigate their surroundings or worse, to use furniture as a ladder!  It’s always a good idea to anchor bookshelves and dressers to the walls in your home to prevent serious accidents and keep kids safe.  While this may seem like a simple, straightforward task, the larger issue is making sure that what you attach to the wall, stays securely attached.  In the following videos, See Jane Drill shows you how to use the proper anchors to attach items securely to any type of wall, (even brick!)

Follow these few simple instructions and tips, and you’ll be able to hang anything and then walk away with confidence that it will stay put, whether it’s a child’s safety that you are concerned about, or maybe you live in an earthquake-prone zone, or perhaps you just want to feel confident that something heavy will stay on the wall and not end up in pieces on the floor.

See Jane Drill shows you how to hang and attach items to different types of walls , such as drywall (hollow wall), drywall (on the wood stud), brick walls, and plaster walls.  The only equipment you will need are the recommended hardware, a power drill with the correct bits, and a level.

So what hardware will you need?  It depends upon how heavy the object is, and what type of walls you have.  Check out our list of the various types of hardware, what type of walls they are designed for, and how much weight they can hold:

Wallboard Anchor (Plastic) – designed for hollow walls (drywall), can hold up to 50 lbs

Wallboard Anchor (Zinc) – designed for drywall (on the wood stud), can hold up to 50 lbs

WallDog (steel one-piece screw and anchor) – can be used on various materials, however, we recommend using on brick or concrete, can hold up to 175 lbs on concrete or 95 lbs on brick

Toggle Bolt  – designed for hollow walls (drywall), can hold up to 120 lbs, recommended for heavy items such as furniture

anchors complete 4

Left to Right:  Walldog screw and anchor in one, plastic drywall anchor, metal drywall anchor, toggle bolt

 To Attach Heavy Stuff to a Brick Wall:

To Use Toggle Bolts to Attach Very Heavy Stuff to Walls:

To Attach Stuff to a Wall Stud in Drywall: