A Super Cool Drywall Tool

Do you have a big drywall job coming up?  You will definitely want to consider using this 3-in-1 drywall tool.  It combines 3 tools which are not only handy, but are also essential if you will be working on the job by yourself.  It includes the following tools:

  • Drywall Rasp – This is idea for times when you need to remove just a little bit of drywall.  The drywall rasp shaves off bits of drywall with each stroke, helping you to ensure that you get a perfect fit.
  • Drywall Carrier – The carrier is a hook at the end of the tool, which, believe it or not, enables you to actually carry an entire sheet by yourself!  Just slip the hook under the bottom of the sheet, and then support the top with your other hand.  Leah demonstrates exactly how this works.
  • Drywall Lift – This handy tool works like a lever:  Slide it underneath the sheetrock, press down with your foot, and presto!  It lifts the sheet off the ground so that you can install it properly.

Watch this video to see all 3 tools in action.

You Can Do This!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved