How to Sand Drywall Using a Pole Sander.  The last and often most-dreaded stage of installing drywall, before painting it, is the sanding stage.  But here is an easy and inexpensive tool to help you to be certain you do a perfect sanding job every time.  It is called a pole sander.  You cannot beat a pole sander for ease and efficiency when you need to sand drywall.  Watch this video to learn how to use one.  Here we show you:

  • What a pole sander looks like
  • What sanding screen is, and how it differs from regular sandpaper, making it superior for sanding drywall
  • About the different grits that the sanding screen comes in, and how you move from a coarse grit to a finer one to achieve a perfectly smooth surface every time
  • How to put together the pole sander and pole (if they come separately;  some models do come as one piece), and how to install the sanding screen in the pole sander
  • How to use the pole sander and the sanding screen in combination to sand drywall just like a pro, every time!

You Can Definitely Do This!

By See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved