How to do a Skim Coat.  Have an unsightly plaster wall or ceiling in your home that you’ve always wanted to smooth out and re-paint? Perhaps the wall has been repaired too many times over the years, or maybe there is a textured finish that you just don’t like.  Unlike with drywall, there are few options with plaster, but fortunately the easiest option can be accomplished by anyone, with the right tools and training on the technique, known as a skim coat. Watch this video to learn how to smooth out plaster to a perfectly smooth, glassy finish. We show you:

  • All the tools that you will need to complete the job (you will need just a few plasterer’s tools for this job)  
  • How to select the right material (mud) to complete the skim coat
  • The step-by-step technique for completing a skim coat, from how to use your hawk and trowel, to how to manipulate your mud, and how to use water as your “plasterer’s sandpaper” to produce a beautiful, smooth finish

With the right tools and a little bit of practice with the technique, you can easily complete this job yourself.  You can do this!

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