Learn the technique for replacing a worn or ripped patio door screen with a brand-new screen.  This task can be easily accomplished by the beginner DIY-er, if you follow the steps shown in the video and in the accompanying written instructions.  This technique is also applicable to a regular door screen or a screen on any window in your home. Watch this video to learn:

  • How to remove the screen door from the door track, and how to replace it in the track when you are done installing the new screen
  • The best way to remove the old screen and spline from the door
  • All about the spline roller tool; including its two sides (concave and convex) and how each side is used separately in the installation of a new window screen and spline
  • Step-by-step instructions for cutting the new screen and spline to size and installing them into the door with just a spline roller tool and a flat-head screwdriver
  • Quick tips for ensuring that your patio door screen replacement goes smoothly and successfully

Feel confident in replacing your own patio door screen for a quick and easy seasonal update to your home!

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by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014