September 18, 2014

Fix Leaking Toilet Flapper.  Step-by-Step Written Instructions to accompany the video “How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Flapper” at See Jane Drill.

Materials Needed:  New Toilet Flapper 

Time Length of Job:  15 minutes (not including shopping for the new toilet flapper)

1. Shut the water off at the supply line to the tank.

2. Empty the water from the tank by flushing the toilet once or twice.

3. Remove the chain from the handle that attaches it to the flapper.

4. Remove the flapper from the tank by unhooking it.

5. Purchase new flapper.  Take the old flapper to your local hardware or home improvement store to match it up with a new one that will fit in your toilet tank.  You may be able to use a universal flapper, but you will want to match it, just to be sure.

6. Your new flapper may need to be set to fit in your particular toilet.  Find your toilet on the manual that comes with the flapper, and adjust the setting on the flapper to the appropriate number.

7.  Insert the new flapper into the toilet tank, and slide the “arms” into place.

8.  Attach the pull chain on the flapper to the handle arm.  You may need to adjust the length of the chain.  It should fit fairly snugly, so that when you flush the toilet, it will pull up the flapper.

9.  Turn on the water, and let the tank fill up.  Assuming that the new flapper is doing its job, the water should turn off when it reaches the right level.  To be sure that it is working, pause for a few moments to be certain that the toilet doesn’t cycle back on.

10.  Replace the toilet tank cover, and that is it!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved