Drywalling Tip:  How to use J-Bead or J-Bend to create a finished edge.  Watch this video to learn how to use J-bead (also called J-bend) in a corner of a wall where the drywall sheet butts up against a wood or brick (or other unfinished wall).  J-bead also can also be used where drywall meets a drop ceiling.  In this video, we will show you:

  • What J-bead (or J-bend) is used for in drywalling
  • What J-bead looks like
  • How to cut the J-bead into the appropriate size, using tin snips (as it comes usually comes standard in 10-ft lengths)
  • How to install the J-bead onto the drywall sheet to create a finished or “factory” edge
  • Discussion of your options for “mudding” the J-bend, vs not using mud.  Generally, it is a personal preference whether you want to mud the J-bend corner, sand it and paint it, or to not use mud and just paint over it.  However, if you are installing the J-bead in a spot where there will be a lot of vibration present, i.e., by a door, you would NOT want to use mud on it.

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