How to Install a Wall Sconce

Is it time for an update to your old, dated wall sconce?  This is a DIY job that you can do yourself.  Just follow Leah’s step-by-step instructions to replace this fixture, including:

  • Safety you need to know: Shutting off the power and how to use a voltage tester to check to make sure there is no power present before you begin working
  • Understanding what the black wire (hot), white wire (neutral), and bare copper or green wire (ground) represent.  How to make the connection if there is no ground wire present in the wall (junction box).
  • Removing the old wall sconce and cross bar
  • Attaching the wires correctly and securely, including extra tips on how to make sure your connections are stable
  • Installing the new wall sconce

You Can Do This!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved