doorknob 3 picReplace Your Own Keyed Doorknob

Just moved into a new house, and you need to change out the front and/or back keyed doorknobs?  This is a job you can easily complete yourself.  Just watch our how-to video, and then follow the accompanying instructions below.  

You Can Do This!

Video:  “Installing a Doorknob with a Keyed Lock“.

How-To Guide:

Materials and Tools Needed:  A new doorknob (also called a “lock set”) and a phillips-head screwdriver

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Remove the Old Doorknob.  Using a phillips-head screwdriver, remove the screws holding the plate to the door. You can then easily remove the doorknob from both sides of the door.
  2. Remove the Old Latchbolt, by removing the two screws that are holding it to the door, and pulling it out.
  3. Install the New Latchbolt.  When installing the new latch bolt, make sure that the beveled edge is facing outward (toward the exterior side of the door).  After you insert the new latch bolt, you will need to ensure that the large hole in the backset is centered perfectly inside the hole for the doorknob.  If it is not centered, you simply make the adjustment by using the slider adjustment on the backset.. slide it either to the left or to the right…one of the two settings (2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″) will enable you to center the hole in the backset in the center of the doorknob hole. Attach the latchbolt to the door with the screws provided.
  4. Install the new doorknob.  Separate the two pieces. Insert the exterior side (with the lock) first.  Next, go around to the other side of the door, and insert the interior side of the doorknob (with the button).  Note:  Be careful to ensure that the screw holes on the interior side of the knob are lined up with the screw holes on the other side.  It might be a bit tricky because you won’t be able to see what you are doing.  Screw in the first screw.  Once you do that, it will be a lot easier to insert the second screw.
  5. And that is it. Test out your doorknob to be sure everything is working, and you should be good to go!

By See Jane Drill, Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved