December 4, 2014

Best Way to Fix Plumbing Pipes for the Beginner.   The thought of fixing your own plumbing pipes may be intimidating at first, but it really doesn’t have to be. Push-fit fittings utilize a technology which allows you to literally just “push” the fitting on to your pipe.  Few tools, and no torches or soldering are needed with this method!  

You can purchase push-fit fittings at any hardware or home improvement store, or online. One commonly available brand name is SharkBite, however, there are other brands that use this technology as well.  The fittings come in pretty much every variety that a homeowner might need, including couplings, valves, and toilet and faucet kits.  This is by far the easiest and best way for the beginning DIY-er to fix plumbing pipes, and one that we at See Jane Drill heartily recommend.

Watch our detailed, easy-to-follow how-to video below to learn how you too can fix your own plumbing pipes using push-fit fittings. 

You can definitely do this!

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