How to Use a Yardstick to Create Perfect Circles

Most of us have at one time or another needed to draw a circle on wood, cardboard, drywall (sheetrock) or another material. And most of us have tried the “plate” method to draw the circle out. This is the one where you grab a plate, cup or other piece of dishware that is close to the size you need, and then trace it out. But most likely, it won’t be the exact, precise size that you are looking for.

Likewise, there are drawbacks to the “nail and string” method of tracing out a circle, because in order to get the measurement right, you need to keep the string pulled very taut the entire time you are tracing.

An easier, simple, and cheap method is to use a common yardstick or (wood) ruler, a drill with a countersinking bit, a couple of common nails, and a pencil.  It’s fast and easy to do.  Best of all, your circle will be exactly the precise size that you need, whether you need a 10-inch diameter circle or a circle that is 2 feet in diameter!

Watch this video to learn how.

You can do this!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved