Best Tool for Scraping Exterior Paint

Have you been putting off painting the outside of your house, because you dread dealing with that old flaking, chipped paint?

To make things easier on yourself, try using the tool called a “hard knife”.  It can also be found under other names, such as “prybar scraper”.  It can be recognized by the fact that it has 2 edges for scraping…a flat one, and a curved edge.  

The curved edge is ideal for removing flaking paint quickly and easily, without damaging the wood underneath.  It is also the ideal tool to use for scraping paint from lapboard siding, which many people have.

As for the flat side, in addition to scraping, it is the ideal tool for removing old window glazing and for re-glazing windows. That is something you cannot do with a regular scraper or painter’s 5-in-1 tool, because it is the wrong shape.

Sometimes the best tools to have in your toolbox are the simplest and cheapest ones. And that is the case with a hard knife.  You can pick up a set of 2 good quality, stainless steel hard knives for under $12 (depending upon where you live).

Watch the video below to see Leah demonstrate exactly how this paint-scraping tool works!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved