July 11, 2016

Replace that Leaking Bathtub Shower Diverter for Good

Replace your bathtub shower diverter quickly and easily. Nearly everyone has, at one time or another, used a shower where the diverter valve is worn out or broken, causing water to drip out of the tub spout, and weak water pressure from the shower head while you are showering.  It is bothersome, and the water that leaks out of the tub spout pretty much just goes to waste “down the drain.”

 But did you know how easy it is to fix this problem? Watch this video to learn just how simple and inexpensive making this repair can be on your own…no need to hire someone to do it!  And you can save around $100 by doing it yourself !  We show you:

  • All the tools and materials you will need to complete the job
  • How to remove the old tub spigot and pipe, even if your fixture is old, and the spout appears to be tightly fused to the pipe
  • How to select and prepare the new tub spigot and pipe, including how to use teflon tape and pipe sealant (a.k.a. pipe dope) to ensure that the newly installed fixture will be leak-free
  • How to install the new tub spigot and pipe, using a pipe wrench

You Can Do This!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016