Why We Like Sugru, and You Will Toosugru

For those who don’t know what Sugru is… it is an amazing fix-it substance.  The official name is “moldable rubber”, but that doesn’t explain the whole story. Sugru can fix nearly anything, and can be shaped, rolled, and even attached to magnets to create holders for metal objects.  

It can withstand cold down to 50 below 0 F.  You can use it in heat to above 350 degrees F.  Sugru adheres to wood, glass, plastic, metal, and more!  You can shape it, bend it, or mold it.  It is hard to the touch in about 30 minutes, and after 24 hours of curing, will be rock solid!

Best of all, it comes in a variety of colors!

Use Sugru to make repairs around the house, fix equipment, rubber hoses, sporting equipment, or to create hanging devices. The list is simply endless!

Watch our video to see some of the uses that we came up with for Sugru, and you can probably think of plenty more to try yourself!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved