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May 6, 2016  Friday Find: A Tape Measure that Reads Itself

Handy Mate has delivered a tape measure that actually reads itself.  Just stretch it out make your measurement, and an accurate reading appears across the display screen.  It’s that simple!  Just push a button to change the format of the measurement from a fraction to a decimal, or to go from U.S. Standard measurement to the metric system.

The Handy Mate tape measure is a great tool for those who want an instant, accurate measurement. Personally, I think it is a fun tool for doing DIY projects with young children, who don’t need to be able to read a tape measure, but can easily work with the Handy Mate.  

It also works well for those who need to make multiple measurements on a project,  and want to save time by not having to read a manual tape measure. An added feature is that the Handy Mate stores up to 8 measurements at a time.

I think the Handy Mate tape measure also makes a great gift for the budding DIY-er, as well as a unique housewarming present for the new homeowner. It is not only sturdy and accurate, but is also simply fun to use!

by Karen DeVenaro, See Jane Drill

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