January 6, 2015

Fix Plumbing Pipes – Beginner’s How-To Guide Learn How to Fix your own plumbing pipes without any soldering needed, using push-fit fittings.  This is a simple and easy method that anyone can learn, even those who are new to working on their own plumbing!  These written instructions are a companion piece to the video “Best Way to Fix Plumbing Pipes for the Beginner.”

Time needed to complete project: 15 minutes

Materials Cost: Approximately $30 for one push-fit fitting

DIY Savings by doing it yourself:  $200 and up

Note: Push-fit fittings can be used with copper, PVC and PEX pipes. In this guide and in the accompanying video, we describe how to use push-fit fittings with ½ inch copper pipes.

Tools and Materials Needed

• 1 push-fit fitting (such as Shark-bite brand)

• Sharpie or other black marker

• Copper Tubing Cutter

• 5-in-1 Copper Pipe Cleaning Tool 

• Measuring Tape

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Cut the pipe square with the copper tubing cutter.

2. Using the de-burring tool on the copper tubing cutter, clean the inside of the copper pipe

3. Using the 5-in-1 tool, clean the outside of the copper pipe. Make sure you clean at least 1-1/4 inch up the pipe

4. Measure 7/8 inch from the opening of the pipe, and mark it with the Sharpie

5. Insert the copper pipe into the push-fit fitting, twisting the pipe as you push. Push until you reach the mark. Make sure that you push it in far enough.

6. The fitting is now in place!

7. Note: Should you want to remove the fitting in the future, no cutting is necessary. You can use a special, inexpensive Shark-bite fitting removal tool, that will dislodge the fitting so that you can pull it off easily.

And that’s all it takes to fix copper plumbing with push-fit fittings. You did it!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014

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