January 27, 2015

How to Fix a Loose Door Hinge – Step-by-step written instructions to accompany the video “How to Fix a Loose Door Hinge in 10 Minutes

Time needed to complete project: 10 minutes

Materials Cost: Nominal

Tools and Materials Needed

• 3 wooden matches or 3 toothpicks (wood shavings will also do if you have neither the matches nor the toothpicks)

• Carpenter’s glue

• Screwdriver (handheld or cordless)

 Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Take the door down off the hinges.

2. Remove the screws from the hinge.

3. Remove the hinge plate from the door.

4. Break off the heads of the wooden matches. (Note, toothpicks will also work, as will wood shavings)

5. Put a little bit of glue in each of the holes where the screws to the hinge go.

6. Take the matches (or toothpicks or wood shavings) and insert them in each of the holes. Allow the glue to dry (should take about 10 minutes)

7. Once the glue has dried, snap off the part of the part of each match that is sticking out of the hole (if applicable, the idea is that whatever material you are using in the hole should be flush with the area where the hinge plate  is attached).

8. Put the hinge plate back in place. Re-insert the screws and screw them firmly in place.

9. Return the hinge to the door, and you should be good to go!

You can do this!

 By See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014

Click HERE for Printable Version of Written Instructions