skim coat pic 2 How to Smooth Out Plaster With a Skim Coat - How to do a Skim Coat.  Have an unsightly plaster wall or ceiling in your home […]


drywall featured image Seven Must-Have Tools For Your Drywall Project - I’ve worked in the trades for over thirty years, and I know drywall tools really help […]


wood sample image Hardwood vs Softwood…What’s the Difference? - Is hardwood actually hard wood, and softwood really soft wood?  No, not really.  What actually puts […]
shower diverter pic 2 Replace that Leaking Bathtub Shower Diverter for Good - Replace your bathtub shower diverter quickly and easily. Nearly everyone has, at one time or another, […]
picture window pic Beautify Your Windows This Spring and Let the Sun Shine In! - When the windows of your house or apartment are clean and shiny and clear, your whole […]
woman with clothes Coat Rack, Your First Defense against Household Mess -  I want order.  I crave it. I absolutely need it. But, and it’s a big BUT…I […]



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