Washing windows clean at home, with fantastic, crystal-clear results has never been easier or quicker!  Follow See Jane Drill’s easy, step-by-step video instruction guide to obtain beautiful windows at home at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire someone to do your windows.  We show you:

  • The basic tools and equipment you need to obtain the same results that a professional window-cleaner would be able to get
  • Where to buy the right squeegees for the job at the same price or less than you would pay at a hardware or home improvement store
  • The only window cleaning solution recipe you need, which includes just water and two common household ingredients
  • The proper technique for washing windows, including how to use the squeegee effectively
  • How the same easy technique and tools can be used for any size window you have, whether it be a gigantic picture window, or a small window.  Even window panes can be  cleaned using this technique.  If you have second story windows, the technique can be used by attaching the squeegee to an extension pole.

Never again be intimidated by washing windows at home!  Spring cleaning, or cleaning windows any time of the year, just got much easier!