smarkx pic

March 25, 2016 Friday Find: SMARK X Drywall Marking Tool

Have you ever wondered about how to make perfect cut-outs around outlet boxes, pipes, and other obstacles when you are hanging drywall? There are some other tools available to help with this, but we like the SMARK X best. It is compact (about the size of a large marker), easy to use and very fast!

The SMARK X works along the same concept as a rubber stamp.  Think of the object that you will be cutting around, such as an outlet box, as the stamp, and the SMARK X provides the ink.  

You simply outline the object in the ink. Press it on to the drywall, or the drywall onto the object, and voila! You have a perfect outline from which to make the cut in your drywall.  The whole process takes about a minute.

The ink cleans up easily with water.  After you make your cut, toss the marker into your tool bag and move on to your next task.  It’s that simple, and that easy!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved