roman shade picOctober 3, 2016

Add Warmth to a Room with Roman Shades.  Window treatments not only offer function, but also can change the whole mood of a room.  Take Roman shades, for example.  If you’re not familiar with this type of shade, they are often made of a natural canvas material.  Nowadays, however, they are also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can match anyone’s home decor.

Roman shades differ from standard window shades in that they are usually made of one large piece of material, rather than individual slats. They are usually opened with a stringed mechanism, that folds the shade into a stack, accordion-like, to reveal the window.  We think that they make a nice alternative to both curtains and standard window shades, as they offer elements that are visually similar to both.   They add warmth to a room, and a casual sophistication, which makes them a perfect choice for any less-formal space where you want to convey both elegance and comfort, as well as a welcoming vibe.  It is easy to find (or even make!) Roman shades that match both your personality and the style of your home, and for a nominal cost, you can enhance the warmth in any room in your home.
by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved