June 10, 2016 Friday Find: Odd Job Multi-Tool

odd job tool pic 2

We love multi-tools in general here at See Jane Drill, but the Odd Job Multi-tool by Crescent is an especially nice example.  For one thing, unlike a lot of other multi-tools, it fits nicely in your hand. It is very comfortable to hold.  We find that this makes us want to use it more than other tools, that often have a more awkward shape.

With 11 tools in one hammer-sized tool,  the Odd Job is a great DIY tool to keep in your kitchen drawer, glove compartment, summer cabin, college dorm room, or backpack.  It is also equally easy to carry it around your house or apartment to complete a few “odd jobs”, as its name implies!

First off, with the Odd Job, you get a steel hammer head and nail puller.  The other side is a soft mallet, which is something you don’t usually find in multi-tools, and can be used for light pounding jobs where you don’t want to mar the surface of the object.

You also get a ratcheting mechanism.  What is especially cool is that this tool comes with a flexible extension as well, which is usually a separately sold tool.  In fact, we recently did a video on the flexible extension, and how helpful it is!  You get an assortment of seven bits, including phillips head, flat head and hex. Lastly, there is a good utility knife, always helpful in a variety of situations.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Odd Job is that is priced lower than many other multi-tools, and makes a perfect housewarming gift for the new homeowner. Or, put it in the glove compartment of a young person’s first car.  You will find yourself reaching for this handy tool again and again!


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