February 25, 2016

Scale, Light and Movement: Keys to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Contributed by Edward Francis and vanessarbuthnot.co.uk

Most people would love to live in a large house, and have grand rooms with high ceilings and a huge, sweeping staircase. However, the reality is that these houses are expensive to purchase and to maintain. A smaller space is more affordable, easier to look after and can be more than sufficient for your needs. There are also a variety of key factors which can ensure that the smallest house looks far bigger then it is:

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The size of your furniture can make a huge difference to the space. Any item which manages to brush up against two opposite walls will make your room feel small; no matter how large the room. You should also ensure that there is a decent amount of space between the seats in a living room. Space in the middle of the room helps the room to feel airy and larger, as does leaving a small gap behind your seats.

Ground furniture

Any piece of furniture which is low to the ground will help to create the illusion of space; simply because it takes up less of the available wall space. Of course, your artwork and mirrors should also be hung a little lower to elevate the ceiling height; but not too low!

Open space

Wherever possible, you should have open furniture. For example, a dining room table should have the legs on display and be as simple in design as possible. It will almost appear as though there is no table, and this will help the room to feel spacious.


The lighter and brighter a room, the larger it will feel. Mirrors are an exceptionally good way of achieving this result. They can be located to bounce the light around the room, no matter what time of day it is.  It is even possible to put a mirror next to a window, on an attached wall, to create the illusion of an extra window.

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Rugs and curtains are great accessories, and can add warmth and a personal touch to any room.  However, if your room is on the smaller side, getting rid of the curtains will allow more light into the room, and removing the rugs will help the room to feel more open and effectively larger.

If, however, you love a home with curtains made of top quality fabrics, choose pastels and lighter shades. This will add more freshness into your living area, and it will make it look more spacious. Egyptian cotton is an exquisite type of material, and so is satin.


White provides a minimalistic, classic look, which can actually be a good design choice. This way, your personal touches can be expressed through the accessories and not through expensive repaints every year!  It is also the best color for reflecting the light around the room.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines or long leads on central lights draw attention to the height of a room and make it feel bigger. If the room feels taller, you cannot possibly believe it is small! Combine this tip with low furniture and the smallest space will feel massive!

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Nothing makes a room seem more cluttered or small than not having an obvious route through it to the next room or to the furniture at the walls. Dining tables can be offset to create a pathway, or chairs can be arranged to allow easy access through a room.  It will make a difference to the feel of the room. It can also stop a room from feeling like a corridor!


Perhaps the ultimate tip is to keep your rooms simple. The more cluttered a room becomes, the more things people have to focus on, and the less they see the space which they are in. This does not mean you cannot have your own personal accessories. Simply group them to make them look like a feature rather than having them scattered across the whole room. The same is true for the walls and furniture. Complicated patterns will constrict a room; whereas plain colors will enlarge a room.

Make rational choices when decorating your personal space, and make it bigger with adequate accessories and furniture items. Pay more attention to light and object scale, and your tiny living area can be a spacious environment to spend quality time with friends and family.

By Edward Francis and VanessaArbuthnott.co.uk!