zap clothFriday Find:  The Zap Cloth

We don’t often review brand-name products here at See Jane Drill, but when we come across something that delivers the results that it promises, we like to pass the word. And the Zap cloth does deliver.

The Zap Cloth is advertised as a completely “green” cleaning cloth that is washable and reusable, and most importantly, only requires water to clean a wide variety of surfaces. This definitely piqued our interest. 

The Zap cloth claims to hold 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid.  It is made from an ultra-fine fiber, and supposedly when you wet it, it activates little tiny “scoops” which pick up the dirt, dust and oil, almost like a magnet.

To find out how good the Zap cloth was going to be, we put it to a spirited test on a variety of surfaces.  As directed, we simply soaked it with water and wrung it out before each use.  No additional cleaner was used.

First up was a glass-top dining room table, covered with fingerprints, grease smudges and pieces of food from someone’s lunch.  Glass cleaner and paper towels have always been used in the past to clean this tabletop, and have done a less than desirable job.  Amazingly, the Zap cloth cleaned the surface as promised, streak-free, lint free and removed all fingerprints, grease and food smudges with only the use of water.

Kitchen appliances were up next, including a sleek, black enameled refrigerator and a brushed chrome and black enameled stove.  Fingerprints and smudges were the obvious culprit here for the refrigerator, and as for the stove, grease and food splatters were the offenders.  In the past, sudsy, warm water with a dish rag had been used and had given satisfactory results.  The Zap cloth cleaned the refrigerator effortlessly, leaving a clean, streak-fee surface just as guaranteed. 

The stove was less easy to clean. It really required a little elbow grease to remove cooked on food-splatters and as for grease, it took a number of passes with the Zap cloth to remove the greasy film on the stove’s surface. The Zap cloth was definitely more impressive with the refrigerator, and less so with the stove, but overall did a satisfactory job.

Our final test for the Zap cloth was a grimy, interior wooden banister which had accumulated multiple layers of furniture wax, as well as a plethora of fingerprints and black smudges. Here, the Zap cloth really shined, so to speak.  Although some effort was required here, it did a superb job stripping away all that wax and dirt, and restored the beauty of the wood. Truly amazing results here.

Overall, the things we like about the Zap cloth:

-It’s a green product

-No need for cleaners

-Used it on wood, glass, and metal with great results

-Performed just as promised

-No lint and no streaks no grease or grime left behind

-Easy to use:  Just wash and wring it, wipe the surface, and that’s it!

And a couple of caveats:

When used on an especially dirty surface the cloth did not come completely clean once it was machine washed

The cost is a bit high ($6 for one), but when you consider that you don’t need to buy cleaner, it doesn’t seem so bad.  Also it is washable and reusable.

In summary, we really like the Zap cloth, and think it would be a great benefit to just about any homeowner, particularly if you have a lot of glass in your home and/or have children. It would be an especially great product for anyone who has sensitivities to cleaning chemicals. 

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved