Givc Your Old Exterior Light a Custom Paint Job.  Watch this how-to video to see how amazingly easy it is to refurbish and renew an old exterior light fixture with nothing but a can of spray paint!  Spray paint now comes in a whole array of designer colors and finishes, and often includes both paint and primer in one can! 

In addition to being able to get most of the colors in the color spectrum in both matte and high-gloss finishes, you can also purchase a can of spray paint in a specialty finish, such as antique pewter, faux stone, chrome, antique nickel or burnished amber.  We use a spray paint with a gorgeous hammered copper finish on the exterior light in our video.  We also show you how to safely disconnect the light fixture from the wall, prior to painting, and  how to rewire and re-mount it after you paint it.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to renew and reuse an old light fixture, rather than running out to buy a new one.  Yours will look like a new fixture, and for only the cost of a can of spray paint. 

You Can Do This!

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved