November 12, 2015

Best Way to Drive a Nail into Concrete. Learn how to drive a nail into concrete quickly and easily, using a powder actuated strike tool (sometimes called by one of its brand names of Ram Set).  This tool can also be used to drive a nail into structural steel and masonry.  In this video, we demonstrate all the necessary steps for using this tool safely and effectively to attach a wood wall frame plate to a concrete floor, including:

  • Selecting the appropriate load and fasteners for the tool.  Not only is it important to use the same brand of load and fasteners as the brand of the strike tool you are using, but also you must select the appropriate strength of load for the job you are doing. Likewise, the fasteners come in different lengths, and it is important to select the correct length for the job.
  • How to handle the tool safely, including all the necessary precautions you should take
  • Testing the material into which you will be driving the nail, to ensure that the tool will work properly with your surface 
  • How to test the tool itself to ensure that it is operational and functional
  • Operating the tool safely and effectively to drive the nail into concrete (we demonstrate how to use it to attach a framed wall to a concrete floor)
  • Storing the tool after you are done using it

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by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved