Written Instructions to accompany the See Jane Drill video “Replace a Patio Door Screen in a Snap”

by See Jane Drill, Copyright 2014

Time needed to complete project: 1 hour

Materials Cost: $15-20

Tools and Materials Needed:

• New screen & new spline

• Tape

• Scissors

• Utility knife (make sure the blade is sharp)

• Flat-head screwdriver

• Spline roller

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Remove the old door screen by lifting it up and pulling it out of the tracks.

2. Lay the old door screen out on something large enough to accommodate the whole screen (the floor is fine)

3. Tape the screen down to secure it in place.

4. Using the flathead screwdriver, loosen the spline from the track in which it is embedded. Once you have a good length of the spline out of the track, you can pull the rest of it out by hand, all around the entire screen frame.

5. Remove the old screen. It should lift right off.

6. Lay the new screen out over the frame. It should be larger than the frame, all around.

7. Using the outside of the frame as your guide, cut the screen to size all around.

8. Using the convex side of the spline roller, roll the screen into the channel of the frame, all around the frame.

9. Install the spline. Starting in a corner, start by pushing the spline in with your finger.

10. Next, using the concave side of the spline roller, bury the spline into the channel of the screen. Be sure to push down hard on it so that the spline really lays down in the channel.

11. When you get to a corner, use your flathead screwdriver to bury the spline in the corner. Be very careful, as you don’t want to accidentally punch a hole in the new screen.

12. When you get to the end, you may need to cut down the spline so that it fits perfectly in the frame. Use the utility knife with care, as you don’t want to rip the new screen.

13. Next, you will need to cut the excess screen material off. Do this with your utility knife, just above the outside edge of the spline.

14. Now, it’s time to re-install the door with the new screen. Clean the track out of any dirt of debris first. It goes in just like it came out!

And that’s it! You have just replaced your patio door screen.


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